TULF seeks to form Tamil common front

msenadhirajah_tnaThe Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) has called on Tamil Political Parties including those of the South and the Upcountry to get united under one banner to form a common front, as an alternative to the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in the interest of the Tamil speaking people.

TULF General Secretary V. Anandasangaree said that the TULF is the only Political Party that has the moral right to represent the Tamil people in all their activities.

Anandasangaree said that the time has now come for all Tamils to get together and demand the dissolution of both the Illangai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK) and the TNA.

“The TNA took the Tamil people for a ride without any progress made with regard to our problems. The youths in prison suffer for several years. The Minister of Justice had said recently that the TNA had no appointment with him to discuss the issue of those in prison. Contradictory Statements are made by important Member of the TNA some of which are very damaging. The TNA helped the incumbent Prime Minister to win the Presidential election in 2005.

At the Presidential Election in 2010 boasting too much about the capacity of the Tamils to elect a President resulted in thorough failure. For a period of ten years no efforts were taken to unite the Tamil leaders. On the ethnic question no serious action taken. It is now in doubt whether it is India or South Africa they are now depending on. Much more can be said. Demanding inquiry against the LTTE cadre’s war crimes, is a cut throat move having used the LTTE to win seats to Parliament,” he added.

He says the people loved and respected “Thanthai Selva” for his commitments to non-violence, but ITAK was formed on the orders of one who was fully committed to violence. (Colombo Gazette)

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