Don’t let Rajapaksa make a comeback – Sobitha Thera

By Harischandra Gunaratna

The President of National Movement for Social Justice and Chief Incumbent of Naga Viharaya, Pita Kotte, Ven. Madululuwawe Sobhitha yesterday said people had no trust in former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who had betrayed the masses on two occasions as by creating a political culture of rampant thuggery, corruption and mayhem and he wanted to return to the political arena to continue his dirty game.

The Thera, addressing a news conference at Naga Viharaya, Pita Kotte said a corrupt, power hungry Rajapaksa was trying to take the masses for another ride. “He was President for two terms and if he really wanted to correct his mistakes he could have done it then,” the monk said.

Rajapaksa was shamelessly trying to make a come back after being rejected by the masses at the last Presidential election, he said.

Ven.Sobhitha said President Maithripala Sirisena had a great responsibility not to allow corrupt and discarded elements to make a comeback, he said.

mahinda and armyThe masses had a bounden duty to ask political party leaders not to field candidates who were facing criminal charges such as murder, rape, corruption, bribery, theft, drug and ethanol dealing etc and ensure that they field educated efficient persons with a proven track record.

Ven. Sobhitha said: “We have been successful in mobilsing the masses to defeat President Mahinda Rajapaksa and pave the way for a new political culture, but some politicians thwarted the passage of the 20th amendment for their own political survival and advantage.”

There was an urgent need to introduce electoral reforms and change the preferential voting system which had allowed undesirable elements to get elected as parliamentarians, the Thera added.

Rev. Fr. Reid Shelton Fernando, a key member of the organisation lamented that the religious leaders had not come forward as anticipated and contributed to bring about a change in the political culture and electoral reforms.

He said most politicians were serving themselves rather than the masses.

Sarath Wickramasinghe, co-founder of Sri Lanka Sodisi Madulla said, “We should revert to the Wesminster system and completely abolish the proportional representation system.”

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