Nomination To Mahinda: Betrayal Of Good Governance

Nomination To Mahinda: Betrayal Of Good Governance

FILE 1Inevitably the only choice is between the two major political parties-United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party- both of which, with their racist politics, brought the country to today’s shameful state of affairs. These two parties were solely responsible for dividing communities to promote the majority Sinhalese at the expense of the minorities to either remain in power or capture power.

The daily disclosure of crime, corruption, plundering of nation’s wealth by the former President Mahinda Rajaaksa, his family members, his ministers and other politicians, wheeler dealers and henchmen close to the regime shocked the country and the world.

For example Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera disclosed that former President Mahinda Rajapasa had amassed around 18 billion rupees by various corrupt deals while former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, besides other numerous allegations, opened a bogus nonexistent company in an address in London and maintained accounts at Virgin Island in UK. ………………………..  READ MORE

Sri Lanka ex-president’s assembly bid from Kurunegala

Sri-Lankan-President-Mahi-001 (1)Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa is due to contest the August parliamentary elections from the country’s third largest district, Kurunegala where there is a strong concentration of military families, his party sources said. Kurunegala with a voter base of 1.26 million is the third largest electoral district in the island. However, it has a high concentration of families of military personnel.

“He wanted to prove that since January he has improved his lead,” the source said. “But (former president) Chandrika (Kumaratunga) saying she will also contest, most probably from Gampaha, made ‘lokka’ (Rajapaksa) change his mind.”

The former leader is hoping to become a candidate from the United people’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), but fears a legal challenge that could upset his plan, the source said asking not to be named…………………….  READ MORE 

Puravesi Balaya co-convener Saman Ratnapriya addressing the media yesterday.

President Maithripala Sirisena should make a clear statement on whether he has agreed to give nominations to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa from the UPFA since the people have not been formally informed of the decision, Puravesi Balaya co-convener Saman Ratnapriya said. President Sirisena will be going against the public mandate he received at the January 8 polls, if he gives nominations to former President Rajapaksa to contest the upcoming parliamentary election, he said.

The President’s move is a disappointment to the people and all the other political parties who supported him during the election.The country saw horrendous human rights violations under the former regime. There was a collapse of law and order. Journalists were harassed.The people rejected the former president for these reasons, he added. …………………   READ MORE


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