TNA, SLMC to announce candidates

TNA, SLMC to announce candidates

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) are expected to release the names of candidates who will contest the five electoral districts in the Northern and Eastern Provinces in the forthcoming general election from today……………. READ MORE

An Aimless TNA & The Disillusioned Tamils

e0cb490243f1b233690f6a706700ffe6-800x365TNA, after getting the mantle of Tamil leadership from June 2009, has failed miserably to advance the causes of the defeated and traumatized Tamils. Instead, they have been prodding and plotting to set up an agenda or goal needless to mention the lethargical and cavalier approach to the burning problems of Tamils.

Their listless records of performances so far do not augur well for the Tamils. Tamils are confused as to TNA targets or aims. Is it 13 or plus or something else? They have already provided a sworn affidavit renouncing separation and accepting the unitary form of present Sri Lankan government. This step has closed the doors to mount agitations for a two-states solution. It appears that no one is prepared to sacrifice office, power and privileges for the future existence of Tamils by agitating for self-determination……………… READ MORE

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