Mahinda challenged to disclose the fraudulent ministers he safeguarded.

rajapaksha in bunker 1State Minster Rosy Senanayake today challenged former president Mahinda Rajapaksa to disclose the names of ministers and deputy ministers he claimed to have safeguarded and to reveal the wrongdoings he claimed to have committed and should do so before submitting nominations on July 13.

“Mr. Rajapaksa on three occasions had claimed that he safeguarded ministers and deputy ministers who committed frauds and illegal activities during his tenure as president and admitted that he had compelled the law enforcement agencies to release the wrongdoers. He must reveal these wrongdoings before submitting nominations,”she told a news conference.

Ms. Senanayake said Mr. Rajapaksa and his colleagues were trying to return to power not to develop or protect the country but to rob its wealth and resources. “Are his sycophants aiming to bring Mr. Rajapaksa back to power to prevent them from being interrogated by the FCID”, she asked. Ms. Senanayake said the UNP would not leave room for Mr. Rajapaksa to be the Prime Minister of this country and added that the people should keep an eye on those who were nominated by the UPFA 

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