MAHINDA will lose at next poll

The Gods that sent former President Mahinda Rajapaksa home on January 8th this year, will never allow him back to power, said Indika Thotawatta.

The visually handicapped soothsayer, Thotawatta became a popular figure during the last Presidential election as the only astrologer who openly predicted a definite defeat to the then President Rajapaksa at the last Presidential election.

He told The Sunday Leader that according to astrology, Rajapaksa will never be able to come back to power.

Thotawatta said that he will not ‘sell’ a prophecy to earn money and added that he is also not scared to make any prediction whether it is detrimental or not, claiming that it is the right of those who come to them to know the truth.

“I cannot cheat people; I say what is in store in their future. I was so disgusted and surprised at the manner in which the so-called professional astrologers in the country openly said how Mahinda Rajapaksa will win the election claiming how powerful his planetary chart was. They also said how his (Rajapaksa’s) birth chart showed his increasing popularity and that no one can defeat him because he has a ‘raja yoga’. Either they have been given a wrong birth chart for Rajapaksa or else they were asked to tell lies to mislead the public,” Thotawatta said.

hawkishAccording to Thotawatta, had Mahinda Rajapaksa grabbed on to power by hook or by crook on January 8, he would have been sent home by the people within one year and his destiny would have been worse than the fate that befell Ferdinand Marcos of Philippines.

“Mahinda Rajapaksa should be thankful to the people of this country for sending him home on January 8, if not his birth chart clearly shows how his popularity diminishes very fast and will have to serve a jail term. Since he was thrown out from the power by the Gods above, his fate would not be as bad as Ferdinand Marcos but he will not be accepted as a leader by the people of this country hereafter,” Thotawatta added.

Describing what he had to undergo after his prediction of Rajapaksa’s defeat, Thotawatta said that he would have become a billionaire within a few days, had he gone before the people on TV and reverted his prediction about the presidential election results.

“No one expected me to make such a bold prediction at a forum when all the other astrologers were in one voice claiming that Rajapaksa will record a landslide victory. At that time I was cornered by the other astrologers but I was not disappointed since I knew what I was talking about. I was perfect in my sense and that was why I told the truth,” Thotawatta said.

Although young and small-made, Thotawatta was bold enough to take the risk and say that Rajapaksa was going to be defeated at the election.

“Knowing the danger that I will have to face, I still could not deceive the listeners, but had to tell the truth. The truth is sour. There were some channels that did not want to invite me to take part in certain astrological programmes as they did not want to highlight any prediction that went against the then President,” he added.

“If the karma permits, we can live long and if not die young. Everything happens according to the karma,” Thotawatta said.

When asked what exactly happened when he gave a ‘nasty’ prediction against Rajapaksa, Thotawatta with a pleasing smile said, “Although I was fearless to be bold, those who had watched the programme came forward to help me out to provide protection to me in fear for my life. Whilst thanking them wholeheartedly for being so concerned, I went on repeating the same at every discussion I was invited to as I was not scared,” he added.

Thotawatta meanwhile said how he was offered money and perks by former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to revert his prediction in order to build confidence among viewers about a certain Rajapaksa victory, which Totawatta declined.

“I am not an astrologer who sells the profession. I know there are many who will do any prediction for money. If they want money why cannot they do another job than selling out this hallowed profession? When I was offered money and other perks I refused and told the former Defence Secretary when he came to meet me that I am not an astrologer who could be bought over for money,” Thotawatta claimed.

– By Nirmala Kannangara
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