Do not be tricked by main political parties – TNA

922976_371507369624796_475705882_nBY S. Gurunathan

Tamil candidates contesting from national political parties in the Tamil electoral districts are being used by the so called national leaders as vote collecting machines for their parties, said K. Karunakaram, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) candidate contesting in the Batticaloa electorate district addressing a meeting at Mahiloormunai in Batticaloa town.

mahinda-AND-ranilHe further stated that according to the ethnic ratio and voter strength in the district over 74 per cent are Tamils. But the main party the UNP had included four Tamil candidates and four Muslim candidates in their list with a Muslim as the leading candidate. Their idea is to use the Tamil votes and to win the election with the support of Tamil voters.

Tamil voters should not give into the trick of the main political parties but to support the Tamil National Alliance that had dedicated itself to find a lasting political solution to the ethnic problem by using its bargaining power, he said.

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