In Trincomalee One seat to a Muslim candidate – Sampanthan

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader, the leading candidate from the Trincomalee District R. Sampanthan, declared that if the TNA captures three seats in the Trincomalee electoral district one seat would be allocated to a Muslim.
He further stated, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) was formed by its late leader to ensure political stability of Muslim people in the East and not to beg for ministerial posts and concessions from the main national political parties.
sambanthan 1Today the SLMC leader is contesting in Kandy electorate and not in the North and Eastern Provinces. Muslims would not get anything from the government by joining them. The political future of the Muslim community in the North and East Provinces solely lies in the provincial government, Sampanthan stated.
“Muslims from Pulmoddai are with the TNA. Large numbers of Muslims from Kinniya are attending the meetings. Tamils and Muslims should unite and vote for the TNA in the Trincomalee District. If the TNA wins three seats one would be allocated to a Muslim,” he said.

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