Gotha misusing Mirihana incident: ‘Api Ranaviruwo’

Gotha will drive these war heroes towards the guillotine
An organization calling itself ‘Api Ranaviruwo’ yesterday that the recent incident involving the arrest of three army soldiers in Mirihana was been used by some politicians to gain a political advantage in the run up to the polls.GotabayaRajapaksa_CI-300x225
Speaking at a media briefing that was organised by several retired senior officers of the forces, Colonel (Retd) Jayavi Fernando of ‘Api Ranaviruwo’ said that the unwarranted remarks made by some politicians had caused much frustration among the members of the army.“Statements of this nature should not have been made in this manner to ridicule the war heroes, Major General Prasanna Silva had done a yeoman service to the country during the war. He was among those summoned before the Geneva Commission and giving undue publicity to this incident will only help those who wish to tarnish the image of these officers,” he said.

Colonel Fernando said the remarks made by certain politicians (GOTHA) that this incident posed a serious threat to the lives of the former President and the Defense secretary as it took place in Mirihana, where these VVIPs reside, clearly indicates that they were aiming to gain a political advantage in the run up to the polls. “Such remarks will drive these war heroes towards the guillotine,” he said. (Darshana Sanjeewa)

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