The White Van Drama by Mahinda to gain Votes.

Election posters  of  MAHINDA group inside White Van  with fake army plates, 2 arrested

Police today arrested two persons and seized a vehicle with two difference number plates, including an army number plate, along with a stack of more than 4,500 election posters of a UPFA candidate in Kebithigollewa.  A group of police officers on routine patrol discovered the posters, of a former Deputy Minister contesting from the Anuradhapura District, upon searching the white cab at around 2.00am this morning. ……..Read all

The focus has shifted from Medamulana to Mirihana.

It was expected that Kurunegala, and the many other important towns in that district, would draw the larger interest with the parachute leap of Mahinda Rajapaksa from Hambantota to Kurunegala, in the search for an easier path to be prime minister. But Mirihana, where he mostly lives in today, just as his brother Gotabaya, has become the focus of the UPFA campaign. Guess why?

The White Van has been part of the political scene in this country for quite some time, from before the rise of the Rajapaksa family to seats of power and glory. White Vans have been a major threat to journalists and many others who have dared raise their voices against the powers that be, before and especially during the Rajapaksa Era namely run by the Gotha. More Tamil leaders and Human right workers were ‘taken in these White Vans with the full approval of the rajapaksha government and disappeared’ run by Rajapaksha.

In the Rajapaksha administration these killers White Vans were free to run without stopping at the police and Army Check points obviously with the orders of Rajapaksha.

98342_Untitled-1How can a single white van be the stuff of political interest in the midst of a general election campaign, where all analysts agree there is a tough fight between the two main contenders for a majority of seats in parliament; and will most likely decide on who the next prime minister would be, especially when there are so many white vans on the roads every day? Some accuse that this was the work of Rajapaksha with the blessing of his Army commander to help Mahinda get sympathy Votes. Mahinda has to go so cheap to do all his acts to gain the Votes with his right hand man Wimal the first to cry that this White Van for Mahinda.

White vans may not have votes; the deciding factor in an election. But, they have been the stuff of political power, and more importantly, political crime, for quite some time especially during the Gotha ruled days. They have thus earned a special place in the thinking of the people, about the dastardly acts of politicians in power.

This is not a case of the usual white van that is used by those in power to abduct a person or persons opposed to them, have them assaulted and dumped in a distant place, or even have them killed or ensure that they go missing. This seems to be a unique white van of reconciliation. It even traces the origins of its ownership to the LTTE and the final days of the fight to defeat those ruthless terrorists. It is a white van with a history – seized from the LTTE by the military and being in the custody of the security authorities since then.

So how come such a vehicle is spotted in suspicious circumstances at Mirihana – the new power center of UPFA politics? Well, it had the usual signs of a white van engaged in crooked business –it had false number plates, and unregistered numbers at that. Much more, it had tinted glasses and curtains within, too.

Gota_White_vanWhat is stranger is that it was carrying persons from the armed forces. Now, what is the need for armed forces, even when in civies, to use vehicles with no registration and or with false garage number plates? This cannot be part of the battle against the LTTE – because the LTTE was defeated by the same armed forces, which took over the vehicle, possibly in 2009 by Rajapaksha government and it was used to terrorise and kill the Tamil leaders and HR workers during the Rajapaksha rule.

The military personnel were carrying the revolver for their boss, a very senior officer and a close associate of Rajapakshas in the army, who had asked them to do so. Case on revolver closed? Or is it?

But the white van drama has now moved on to the political stage. The UPFA is screaming at the highest decibels of political noise that this white van was a threat to its Campaign Coordinator, former and defeated president Mahinda Rajapaksa, and to his brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who was Secretary of the Defence Ministry, when this van was taken over by the armed forces and used to terrorise the opposition and made people disappear during Rajapaksha rule.

Sri-Lanka-Buddhists1Yet, there is one matter that has been forgotten; it is to congratulate the Police the Mirhana Police in particular for having seized this white van with false number plates, revolver and three members of Army working under a close a commander a close associate of Rajapaksha and exposing what appears to be a major political hoax that is part of huge political campaigning today.

This appears to be the first time that the Police in this country actually apprehended a white van with false number plates, carrying military personnel in civies, and also carrying a revolver, with high military ownership, together with an exercise bicycle. Such stopping of white vans, under suspicious circumstances never took place under the Rajapaksha regime that is seeking a return to the powers of parliament that it made a mockery of for so long. That is more the substance of this saga of political chicanery, than of political conspiracy. The arrest by the police clears the President Maithiri of wrong doing and points the finger at Rajapakshas and his crooks of doing it for Votes.

Congrats again to the Mirihana Police for that chase and catch, establishing a new record in white van politics in the country. Hope Rajapakshas will be lucky next time with better Chinese Ideas to gain Votes.

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