Ex-LTTE cadres would secure at least five seats in the forthcoming election.

Former LTTE cadres contesting the upcoming general election under the banner ‘Crusaders for Democracy’ have engaged the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in a head-on collision in 17 August election in the Northern Province.

Intelligence reports have revealed that the new party of ex-LTTE cadres would secure at least five seats in the forthcoming election.

mahinda-AND-ranilThey have become more popular among youth in the Northern Province than traditional TNA members since CFD men fought for the rights of Tamils.

The CFD has become a major threat to the TNA, Northern Province sources revealed.

The TNA rejected the CFD when they requested for nominations on 6 July to contest on the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK) ticket.

Speaking to Ceylon Today one of the main Party members of the CFD, Ganeshalingam Chandralingam said apart from the intelligence reports, all 10 candidates who are contesting the forthcoming elections in Jaffna electorate were very confident that at least four to five seats will be secured.

army_soldiers_guard_refugees“We are working hard. Although the TNA rejected us, people have not failed to understand our sacrifices. We believed that a collaborative framework with the TNA would uplift the life standards of our people who are still facing difficulties,” he said.

Chandralingam further said,” What has the TNA done for our people? They have just abandoned our people. They secured the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) but have not found solutions to the problems.”

The CFD will launch their Election Manifesto in Jaffna Tomorrow (27) in which the Party’s suitable solution for the national question and Tamil cause will be announced.

Meanwhile, the TNA launched their election manifesto yesterday in which they highlighted that Right to Self Determination in a merged North and East as the solution for the national issue.

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