”Giving nominations to murderers and hooligans” From the horse’s mouth

One of the former LTTE top commanders and the outfit’s leader Prabhakaran’s one time bodyguard Vinayaga-moorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna had made some startling revelations with regard to some of the atrocities committed in the past.

Karuna, who claims that he was instrumental in bringing an end to the three decades of civil war by deserting the LTTE and entering the political mainstream, is furious over not being given an opportunity to take part in the forthcoming general election in August.

The onetime LTTE big wig Karuna, who was a strategist behind several successful attacks carried out against the armed forces by the LTTE had expressed his fury for not accommodating him in the forthcoming polls by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), has even pointed out that murderers who were responsible for some of the political assassinations have been allowed to contest from the Eastern Province by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP),but he was not accomodated as a candidate in the forth coming polls, despite being one of the Vice Presidents of the party.

Gota_White_van-174x131Soon after the unbelievable split occurred in the LTTE in 2004 with Karuna and his fellow LTTE cadre Pillaiyan breaking away from the outfit with hundreds of other cadres mainly from the Eastern Province, there was a ‘free for all situation’ which led to ruthless clashes among the LTTE cadres.

Though political assassi-nations had been the order of the day in the past, the TNA’s two Parliamentarians, Joseph Pararajasingham and Nadaraja Raviraj along with the UNP’s T. Maheswaran were assassinated between the years of 2005 and 2008.

Several Tamil businessmen including late Attorney General Kamalasabeysan’s son in law Kandeepan’s father Balendran, was also gunned down in a dispute over ransom in Colombo by unknown gunmen.

A significant number of Tamil businessmen were also abducted by mysterious persons in ‘white vans’ in Colombo as well as in various parts in the North and the East alleging them of having links with the LTTE.

Though the Rajapaksa regime proudly claimed that it had brought an end to the war waged by the LTTE, the post-war atmosphere had led to enormous amount of human rights violations in the form of ‘white van’ abductions, extortions and extra judicial killings.

So, the former LTTE commander Karuna in an interview with Ceylon Today was revealing the background details of some of the candidates in the Eastern Province as murderers and hooligans who were responsible for several atrocities in the past.

karuna-bash1Though Karuna refrained from naming those candidates whom he had described as murderers and hooligans, his revelations had confirmed, the atrocities he was aware of committed to a great extent even after he deserted the LTTE and the close links his ‘mentors ‘ had with the so-called murderers and hooligans.

Soon after entering the political mainstream deserting the LTTE and holding the position as Deputy Minister Karuna went on to attack the policies of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and pointed out on several occasions that it was the TNA that had mislead the people in the North and East.

Whereas in the Ceylon Today interview last week Karuna’s political maturity after he deserted the LTTE surfaced clearly when he said that the TNA was accepted very much by Tamils and he even kept away from contesting under the UPFA to protect the TNA’s vote bank. Karuna also went on to say that unlike in the past the present day TNA was not adamant in its decisions and even flexible in its attitude with regard to Tamil issues.


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Pulse of Tamils in East
Studying the pulse of the Tamils in the East, Karuna has even said that by giving nomination to Rajapaksa , the UPFA’s chances of winning in the Eastern Province are bleak.

Until recently Karuna remained a ‘ pet’ of Mahinda Rajapaksa and the UPFA. However, the proverb which goes as ‘in politics there are no permanent friends or foes only permanent interests’ suits well even with the former LTTE strongman Karuna.

As it was well mentioned by Karuna, the Tamil National Alliance while emphasizing on the fundamental Tamil political issues such as extensive devolution of powers and on the humanitarian issues such as releasing of the political prisoners and on the matters related to the disappeared persons, it has focused more towards the development activities in the North and the East in its manifesto for the August parliamentary polls.

karuna-and-gotha-AND-PILLAYANHowever, since the TNA’s manifesto is also very firm on emphasizing investigation into the alleged war crimes and human rights violations believed to have been committed during the last lap of the war in 2009, the UN report on alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka to be released in September this year is expected to further strengthen the TNA’s call for the investigation.

Therefore, Karuna being furious over giving nominations to those whom he had mentioned as murderers and hooligans, the intended internal war crime probe is also expected to extract more background details from the ‘horse’s mouth’.

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