Don’t weaken TNA, Ariyanethran tells Tamils

BY S. Gurunathan

Weakening of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in the upcoming general election would certainly damage its international reputation in finding a lasting political solution to the six-decade old ethnic problem, said Pakiaselvam Ariyanethran, former TNA parliamentarian and a candidate contesting in the Batticaloa District on the TNA ticket.

He appealed to the Tamil voters not to change their political stance in supporting the TNA in the upcoming general election. Tamil candidates contesting the election under the TNA ticket should be elected with a large majority to tell the world that they are still supporting the TNA in finding a lasting political solution that would satisfy the political aspirations of the Tamils in the island.

sampanthan-1-colombo-telegraphHe added that large number of Tamil independent groups and small Tamil political parties have come forward to contest the election, in order to weaken the party and to help the majority political parties in the South by getting few seats in Tamil electoral districts. This should not be allowed at any cost, in the interest of Tamil people.

He said so addressing election meetings at Vellaveli and Thumbankerni areas.

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