Sajith complains of mudslinging

Members of the Rajapaksa camp, unable to get votes because of what they had done while in power were slinging mud at the Maithripala-Wickremesinghe administration, UNP Hambantota District candidate and Housing Minister Sajith Premadasa said.

Addressing an election rally held at Ranna on Saturday, the minister said: “They cannot talk of what they did and ask the people to elect them again for they only engaged in swindling and misappropriating public funds. They also know that people now know those so-called mega development projects were nothing but sources of income for the members of the Rajapaksa regime.

“The present government that came to power on Jan. 08 relieved the people of the burden of maintaining a group of thieves. Today, there is a government responsible to people. It is transparent in its actions unlike its predecessor.

PREMADASAThere is no room for frauds and corruption. Today, the lives of people are safe.

No more white vans or telephone tapping. There is no state-sponsored terrorism. People are enjoying their freedom. They could further assure the people-friendly status by voting before the elephant symbol at the forthcoming election.

“The Rajapaksa supporters should prove their allegations if there are mistakes made by the incumbent government. Otherwise, they must stop slinging mud at us. That would further alienate them from people who know the truth.

When the prices of oil went down in the world market, people took to the streets demanding that prices be slashed. But, the previous government did not listen to them. That was why people sent them home. Soon after we came to power we reduced the fuel prices. We also cut down the prices of other essential commodities such as gas and medicine and electricity tariffs were reduced.”

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