Left, Vaiko on Same Page on Lanka Issue

CHENNAI:  Strong supporters of Tamil Eelam, including MDMK leader Vaiko and VCK leader Thol Thirumavalavan, on Monday, arrived at a common consensus on the sensitive issue, for the common agenda of their People’s Welfare Protection Movement.

The CPM, which was not in favour of an international inquiry into the massacre of Sri Lankan Tamils and had been insisting on a local and credible probe, made a major climb down by agreeing to fight for bringing the culprits of the massacre before an international court for rendering justice.

The stand of the MDMK and VCK that a referendum on separate Tamil Eelam should be held, did not find a mention in the list of resolutions passed by the movement. Instead, it said: “Eelam Tamils should be provided appropriate security and equal rights.”

Thirumavalavan told Express that the VCK and MDMK had not abandoned their stand for a referendum on Eelam. “The resolution passed at the meeting reflected only the common agenda of the joint movement and not the individual stand of parties. The resolution on Sri Lankan Tamils was arrived at as a consensus policy as the Left parties, at the national level, did not accept the Eelam demand.”

vaikoThe CPM’s acceptance for an international probe into the Lankan massacre is said to be a major shift in its policy. Commenting on the importance of an international enquiry, social activist and Tamil Eelam supporter Thiagu said: “The submission of a report after the international inquiry will lead to several possibilities and the prospects for the report leading to a referendum is bright. International inquiry reports which found that a government was involved in the massacre of a section of people had led to a referendum on Kosavo, Timur and Namibia. As per international law, criminal justice will lead to political justice and as such, Eelam supporters are insisting on the submission of the inquiry report.”

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