15 UPFA MPs to support UNF

Fifteen United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) candidates have consented to back the United National Front (UNF) for Good Governance to form the next government, if the need for a national government arises, Plantation Minister and UNF group leader for Kandy District, Lakshman Kiriella, said.

In an interview with the Sunday Observer, he said there were no apprehensions about the UNF’s victory at the August 17 polls but that an understanding has been reached with some members of the UPFA to join UNF if they fall short of the numbers.

“We are confident of sweeping the election with a total of 115 seats. I don’t expect there will be a hung Parliament, still there are many UPFA members waiting to join us, should we need support to secure majority in Parliament,” he said.

mahinda-sadThe Minister responded in the negative when asked if they would accommodate former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the event of a national government with the UPFA after the polls.

“We will form the national government with the help of a section of the UPFA,” he said, adding there was already understanding to this effect

The Minister said certain UPFA members even wanted nominations from the UNF but they have been asked to get elected first and join them later. “A number of them are from my district,” he added.

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