Tamils only best option is to Fully Support and Vote TNA

Voting is our Birth Rights  “Sri Lanka Progress with Her People” Election 2015

We encourage every one to VOTE ( unless any personal unavoidable circumstances preventing them .) Its an individual Birth  Rights  to Vote, if they don’t Vote then they don’t have any Say or Rights to Criticize the political changes and the polices implemented by the winners who make the government.

Sri Lanka  is a Independent Free Democratic Country. For Majority  Tamils and Minority Muslims +  Singhalese  feel its not free democratic Country  not giving Equality and Political Freedom  as they wished, but their are some Tamils,  Majority Singhalese and Muslims  feel its a free democratic country.

2015 August Election is a free election called by the new Government.  We strongly wish and believe every one will take part and support their own party as part of Democracy.

sitharthan678In Tamil  areas North and East  we have the election with the same democratic mandate, we encourage every Tamil to come out and VOTE. its Important that Tamils have to exercise their Rights by engaging and Voting in this election.

we have to Learn some Lesions from the Historical Past, it has been proven democracy did work but it failed to give a clear mandate for the Tamils to achieve the Best for its people by  reaching a Political Settlement.

In this Election we strongly  Believe for the Tamils only best  option is to Fully Support and  Vote  TNA Candidates to WIN. TNA was formed  in the Name of Tamil People as an Inclusive body with many political parties. Mr.R.Sampanthan as a Leader and other  political party leaders as members  representing with diversity with  in TNA.

We wish every one good luck as part of democracy, in the same time we wanted to highlight why we  Support and Kindly requesting all the Tamils to Support and VOTE in their respective areas Such as Jaffna District No7 Mr. Sitharthan Tharmalingam  Leader DPLF (Plote), No4 Mr.Kandiah Sivanesan (Bavan) Vavunia  District and No7  Mr.S.Vijiyenthiran Batticoalo District.

The three Plote  (TNA) candidates  come from very grassroots and who will Not Compromise the Community Safety and Quality of Life. They have a better understanding of the peoples need and reality of real life by working with them for a long time,  their  Genuine Dedicated Passionate Committed Service  has been recognised by the People.

They all are very Simple Humble Ordinary People  with Extra Ordinary  Talents Skills and Knowledge, very easily approachable people.   That’s why  Mr. Sitharthan GOT MORE HIGH Personal VOTES in the Northern Provincial Council Election.

we strongly believe and   support them, our Candidates should be given the respect and Opportunity  for them to be elected to Serve the Community.

“We Progress with Our People”

August 2015

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