Ready to give explanation for war crime charges against LTTE

Ready to give explanation for war crime charges against LTTE – CFD

By Mirudhula Thambiah

Former LTTE cadres led Crusaders for Democracy (CFD) Media Coordinator Ganeshalingam Chandralingam said his party members are ready to give an explanation for the charges on war crimes against the LTTE if there is an international war crimes probe.

Speaking to Ceylon Today Chandralingam added: “Being former LTTE cadres, now we have stepped on to the democratic path to serve the people as some main Tamil political parties in the North and the East have failed to address the issues of the people, thus the party also will take up the responsibility to give an explanation regarding the struggle and the allegations during war crimes probing.

images“We would like to emphasize that political parties like TNA identify the leader of LTTE as their leader and our sacrifices as theirs, if so, they should be prepared to give explanations for the charges against the LTTE,” he said.

Chandralingam further said if the LTTE is proven guilty, political parties like TNA also should be prepared to accept punishments as they always carried out the propaganda of the LTTE to secure victory and enter Parliament in past and present elections.

He further said if there are allegations against the Sri Lankan Government, then there shall also be allegation against the LTTE too. Matters should be examined through an impartial commission and pave the way for truthful reconciliation.

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