Statement of Dr Vickramabahu on attack on vijitha sadu

 Backed by several power hungry multinational companies.

We have warned that the election will be polluted with violence, because fascistic political movements do not know any other form of political engagement. Their method is to use mobilization of supporters on chauvinist basis to confront peaceful political actions. That is, undermining political debates and dispersing democratic campaigns using thugery and violence should be expected.

Many political leaders who are opposed to Mahinda regime were not happy with, calling Mahinda’s political moment as a fascistic power. However what they reveal about the activities of Mahinda regime strengthens our analysis of that political entity. Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka, who accused former President Mahinda Rajapaksa of bribing the LTTE at that time, challenged him to prove his innocence if possible. Addressing an election meeting, Mr. Ranawaka, alleged the Rajapaksas used the ‘white van culture’ to achieve their personal gains and all would be exposed before the people.

He said the people would come to know who was responsible for the disappearance of journalist Pradeep Eknaligoda and the assassination of newspaper editor Lasantha Wickrematunga. This is the central issue when we pin the label of fascistic politics on any radical political movement. The creation and use of repressive instruments out side the constitutional state structure, secondly the use of chauvinist political campaigns to mobilize human resources for such repressive organs, are conclusive.

Mahinda regime is guilty of such illegitimate repressive politics and even after the defeat on January 8th;they are continuing such activities without any hesitation.

The Nugegoda Rally demanding the return of Mahinda Rajapaksa to politics was the opening show in a planned series of political events. All corrupt elements that made money under the Mahinda regime backed by MNCs that benefited by the deals with Mahinda regime participated under the slogan “bring back Mahinda”.

It was a political conspiracy with international connections. The organizers had carefully selected every step. The venue was on the outskirts of Colombo in proximity to the Sinhala majority electoral divisions of Maharagama, Kotte, Homagama and   Kottawa where there was greater support for Sinhala chauvinism as opposed to the multi-ethnic Colombo city electoral divisions. They accomplished two things by the Nugegoda rally.

They found some basis to launch the campaign demanding Mahinda’s re-entry to active politics. However the meeting did not change the mood of Maithree. On the contrary it strengthens the determination of Maithree to push out Mahinda from SLFP movement.

The movement of Mahinda is not just a local mass movement based on Sinhala merchants and traders guided by fascistic political elements. It is a movement backed by several power hungry multinational companies. Today the role of imperialism is played by the MNCs system. They work in many directions and global powers are influenced by their activities.

With such backing Mahinda had ceded the leadership of the SLFP to Maithripala without resistance and appeared to embark upon a life of political retirement and religious contemplation. It was very necessary for the defeated ex-president to project an image of being disinterested in political office and politics. He should be seen as a statesman being re –drawn into politics reluctantly due to popular demand.It is very necessary to cover up the treacherous path tread by Mahinda with the backing of MNCs, who never looked into the development issues of Lanka.

Their strategy was launched with much support from SLFP parliamentarians. While asserting the leadership of the SLFP by taking over the election campaign, Mahinda group had to face the strong opposition of the president,

wickramabahuSome believed that President Sirisena had acquired the nominal leadership of the SLFP but real power has gone in to the hands of Mahinda Rajapaksa who was quite content to let Maithripala lull himself into the false belief of being the undisputed SLFP leader. Did Sirisena made a political blunder by taking over the leadership of the party that had fought against him fiercely at the presidential polls? Sirisena however was hopeful that he would be able to oust Mahinda permanently from politics and establish full control over the party. This belief was bolstered by the vision of Asiatic democracy.

On the other hand Ranil went ahead with a democratic programme mobilizing all popular forces under his political coalition. Above all it appeared that a peaceful democratic election is taking place in the country after several decades, and the credit was give to PM Ranil. Then came the shooting; SP Ruwan Gunasekera said the police are attempting to verify if the incident involved two underworld figures. The shooting incident took place near the St. Benedict grounds at Blumenthal Road in Kotahena.

The CMEV election monitoring group said that 500 individuals were present when the incident took place. Even the stupidest under world leader knows an attack of this kind to a large group assembled by Ravi is a gravest political action. Also, it will be an action to tarnish the image of peace and good governance created by PM Ranil. Who wanted this to happen?
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