White Van and police came home when I asked for my money from Mahinda’s Minister.

10676390_1542782359273140_2885745891587111874_nGampola Vidanage Samantha Kumara alias ‘Wele Suda’ today told the Colombo High Court that he loaned Rs.2 million to former UPFA MP Duminda Silva for his election campaign and that white vans and the police had turned up at his home when he asked Mr. Silva to repay the loan.

“I worked with Duminda Silva and he demanded a loan of Rs.2 million.

I gave it to him and when I asked for the money, white vans and police turned up at my residence,” Mr. Kumara said.  

Former UPFA parliamentarians Duminda Silva, Mervyn Silva, Sarana Gunawardena and Sajin de Vass Gunawardena have been denied nominations from the UPFA for the Colombo district.

UPFA General Secretary Susil Premajayantha noted that former UPFA parliamentarians who have had several allegations levelled against them have not been granted nominations.

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