Dy Minister says Mahinda is like a drowning man clutching a straw

article_imageBy Harischandra Gunaratna

Deputy Foreign Minister and Kalutara District UNP Parliamentarian Ajith Perera yesterday said that members of UPFA, which itself was  past its shelf life, were uttering nonsense at political rallies and talk shows as they had neither coherent policy nore action plan  nor an acceptable election manifesto which was full of false promises.

 “The UPFA election campaign centred solely on Mahinda Rajapaksa was today was dependent on President Maithripala Sirisena for its survival,” he said.

 Addressing a news conference at the UNP headquarters, Sirikotha at Pita Kotte, Perera said: “The only way to salvage the country from the mire it has fallen into is to adopt the   fivefold sustainable development plan the UNP has presented in its election manifesto.:

Perera said some bankrupt UPFA members whose political careers had come to an end were making a futile attempt to gain a new lease of life by trying to ride Mahinda Rajapaksa piggyback, whose day of reckoning would be on August 18.  

ELECTION“Mahinda Rajapaksa is clutching at a straw like a drowning man and contesting the general election from  Kurunegala district, surrounded by a set of clowns who would ensure the end of the former President’s political career”, he predicted.  

The UPFA candidates hardly talked about the alliance’s election manifesto as there was nothing tangible in it to meet the expectations of the masses; the deputy foreign minister said, adding that the UPFA politicians supporting Rajapaksa were making mere statements.

State Minister of Children’s Affairs Rosy Senanayake said it was hilarious that Mahinda Rajapaksa under whose leadership the country’s education reached its lowest depths was now talking about granting Rs. 50,000 to students who failed to get though the GCE Ordinary Level examination. Rajapaksa was trying to woo the voters by offering a bunch of false promises, she added.

“Does that mean Rajapaksa expects the students to fail the examination?” 

She said when the UPFA government was in power the poor masses had been burdened with a range taxes and after being defeated they were now talking about the welfare of the people.


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