Mahinda has accepted Thajudeen was murdered

UNP says Mahinda has accepted Thajudeen was murdered

By Harischandra Gunaratna

Deputy Foreign Minister and UNP Kalutara District candidate Ajith Perera yesterday said that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who when in power  said that former Havelocks Sports Club rugger captain and Sri Lanka player  Wasim Thajudeen died in an accident in 2012,  had today accepted that the top sportsman had been murdered,

Perera said that the law would take its own course in finding the killers of Thajudeen though certain elements with vested interests were attempting to cover it up.

Responding to a query that the Opposition politicians claim that a court order had been obtained to exhume the body of the ruggerite to gain political mileage by the ruling party, Perera said one had to abide by a court order. The court would decide whether the suspects were guilty or not.

The Deputy Foreign Minister was addressing the media at the UNP headquarters at Sirikotha, Pita Kotte.

91He said that though some politicians were planning to cover it up, under a future UNP government those found guilty of the murder of Thajudeen would be punished according to the law of the country and everybody was equal before the law regardless of the position they enjoy in the society.

Thajudeen’s body was exhumed on Monday from its burial site at the Dehiwela Mosque and sent for further examination by forensic experts.


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