Video:“Mahinda’s defeat is already written on his forehead”

Speaking at a media conference held at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta today (12th) Mr. Herath further said, “The people have already decided this. They will have to form a government from those who cross over from one party to the other. After the 17th more and more will cross over. We would like to definitely say the next government will be formed from those who cross over from the UPFA to UNP and vice versa. The government will be a coalition of leapers. Hence, we, of the JVP, make a request to the people to make our representation in Parliament stronger to make the opposition powerful. This is what the masses expect.

mahinda-upset-515x300The power that guides the country towards a correct path is the JVP. Whoever forms the government the JVP would definitely get the controlling power of the governance. However, this would happen only if the presence of the JVP increases in Parliament. We are definite that the progressive people in this country would make the JVP the compass that decides the direction the country has to move,” said the Information Secretary of the JVP.

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