‘White vans followed me’ – Wele Suda spills beans: Gave Duminda Rs. 2 m loan

Gampola Vidanelage Samantha Kumara alias ‘Wele Suda’ yesterday revealed in courts about his close connections with former UPFA Parliamentarian Duminda Silva a close assopciate of former President MAHINDA.

Samantha Kumara told the Colombo High Court, that once he had loaned Rs. 2 million to Silva for his election campaign.

However, Kumara said that when he asked Silva to return the money on a later date, white vans started appearing near his house and also police started visiting his home.

Kumara revealed these details to the High Court when the trial against him was taken up for hearing before High Court Judge Preethi Padman Surasena.

Kumara alias Wele Suda also told Court that he was willing to reveal details of how drug kingpin “Siddique” brought Heroin to Sri Lanka from Pakistan.

However, he said that he could not reveal such details in the presence of the media and other officials. Following this the Judge ordered the media and officials other than the CID and lawyers to leave the court room.

illegal drugsFollowing this Wele Suda started revealing to courts how heroin was being brought to Sri Lanka from overseas. Kumara said that Siddique was a Sri Lankan Muslim and he was a good friend of his father’s.

He told court that he was in India with using a forged passport and officials after detecting this had tried to deport him. Kumara said that following this incident he had fled to Singapore with another forged passport to meet Siddique and added that he had done this on the latter’s instructions.

Gota_White_vanKumara has been charged with possessing and distributing heroin. Wele Suda was arrested in Pakistan and brought to Sri Lanka on January 14 by the CID in connection with a large number of cases regarding drug dealings.

The suspect is alleged to have amassed a massive wealth from drug trafficking and fled the country with his wife last year to evade arrest.

Wele Suda’s trial will be heard on a daily basis.

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