Lee Scott Appointed As Ambassador Of Justice For Tamil

British Tamils are delighted to appoint Lee Scott as Ambassador of Justice for Tamils to move forward our struggle for freedom and justice, says the British Tamils Forum.

Lee-Scott-031Issuing a statement the BTF said; “The Island of Sri Lanka was two nations for several centuries. The Tamil people in the island of Sri Lanka who constitute a nation have been struggling for the past six decades to reinstate their lost independent sovereignty. The Tamil people have on numerous occasions expressed their will to break free from the genocidal Sri Lankan state in order to preserve their identity and to protect their future generations from annihilation.

“The British Tamils Forum which adheres to democratic non-violent path in winning the freedom of the Tamil people has been at the forefront in supporting the people on the ground in their struggle for freedom and justice.

“Mr Lee Scott has been an ardent supporter of the Tamil peoples struggle for freedom and justice during the past decade. As an elected MP he has been a constant voice of the Tamil people in the UK parliament. He represented the Tamil people’s interest as the Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils campaigning at all levels including the UN. Despite having lost his parliamentary seat of Ilford North by a narrow margin in the 2015 general elections, Lee has continued his support for the Tamil people. In recognition of his services to the freedom struggle Mr Scott was awarded the Title “Ambassador of Justice for Tamils.”

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