TNA welcomes new Govt

TNA welcomes new Govt

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said that, based on their Election Manifestos, the party would be addressing the Tamil people’s immediate needs and implement them … without any delay as soon as the new Parliament is formed.
The TNA, which swept the entire North and the East in the parliamentary election held on 17 August, said that they would also welcome the new Maithri-Ranil Government to continue to protect and nurture the people’s mandate that was bestowed upon them in the 8 January presidential election.

TNA Leader R. Sampanthan, relaxing at his Trincomalee residence, told the media that the Tamil people have once again showered them with victory which shows the strong faith the Tamils have in the TNA.

msenadhirajah_tnaThanking everyone for their support towards victory, the 82-year-old senior politician said that during the last days of the campaign, unfortunately some unruly elements stirred confusion spreading false propaganda about the TNA (ITAK). The TNA would have performed better had this not happened.

Despite their hardships and struggles the people continued to repose their faith in us and we find this extremely commendable.
“Our stance in terms of the forming government is that the President should continue to work on the people’s mandate which was placed in the government’s trust on 8 January 2015.

“People wanted to remove former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and replace him with President Maithripala Sirisena. The masses gave a mandate for good governance. “That mandate should be protected and pursued and that is what the TNA would welcome” he added.

Sampanthan preferred to be non-committal for the moment when asked whether the TNA would join hands with the government.

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