Majority community rejects racist politics

M.M. Zuhair

The National United Front (NUF) led by M. M. Zuhair PC, former Member of Parliament has welcomed the victory of the United National Front (UNF) at the general election 2015 as a rejection by the Sri Lankans of communal and racist politics.

“This rejection is further reinforced by the majority community in particular defeating the anti-minority Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) sponsored BJP, in every one of the 16 electoral districts it contested. The message of the people is clear: “No more racist or communal politics.”

The NUF has said in a media statement: “The time has come for minority political parties, too, to shed communal politics and work for national development and for the advancement of the country as a whole. It would also be the responsibility therefore of those forming the next government to ensure that there is no opportunity for any form of discrimination among the people. The public service too must leave no room for minority or majority grievances. Any failure to uphold universally recognized standards in administration will undoubtedly fuel racial and communal issues.

images-15“The NUF believes that the electoral reforms promised both at the presidential election and in the UNF manifesto at the just concluded general elections should be made law after due process of consultation in the country. The change to first-past-the post system with limited proportionate representation (PR) system will eliminate a strong base presently existing for communal and racist politics to flourish. If the 20th amendment had been introduced the UNF would have got a clear over-all majority. That would have helped the government to concentrate on economic development instead of struggling on how to secure a simple majority in Parliament”.

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