Don’t act like monkeys, says PM to Racist Wimal

The decision on the opposition leader post sparked uproar in parliament when Colombo district MP Wimal Weerawansa this morning (3) questioned the government on the validity of the new appointment.   

 This came after Speaker Karu Jayasuriya announced that TNA parliamentary group leader and Trincomalee District MP R. Sampanthan has been appointed for the post.

Weerawansa questioned that on which basis the appointment was made since a letter signed by some 56 MPs, which suggested the appointment of UPFA MP Kumara Welgama for the position, has already been handed over to the President.

Under this circumstance, he also questioned the validity of the new appointment.

Responding to the query, Jayasuriya said that he has not received the letter yet.

X Mahinda-rajapaksa-wimal-weerawansa-2010-7-10-8- 16-13Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe said that with the Speaker’s decision on the position has already been announced, there is no point in opposing the appointment and everyone is obliged to accept his decision.

   This observation sparked uproar in the House, where in return Wickramasinghe replied with “don’t act like monkeys—there is no way this parliament would continue like the previous one.”

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