a lasting solution – Opposition Leader Sampanthan confident of

BY S.Gurunathan

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) would endorse a lasting political solution to the Tamil issue that would be accepted by the Tamil community, declared R.Sampanthan, Leader of TNA and the Leader of the Opposition Member of Parliament representing the Trincomalee District.

SampanthanHe further stated the TNA would not act against the wishes of the Tamil people and the people should not get the wrong impression that by accepting the position of the Leader of the Opposition political solution has been found to the Tamil question.
“We would conduct our political journey till we reach the target. Our target is not the post of Opposition Leader. The post of Opposition Leader is not offered to me personally but it is conferred on the Tamil people,” he said.
TNA did not demand the post of Opposition Leader. According to Parliamentary procedure, the post of Opposition Leader was given to the TNA. TNA parliamentary group had unanimously endorsed to accept the post of Opposition Leader. Hence the post of Chief Whip of the Opposition was offered to the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, he said.

With the election of a new President on 8 January the country had been witnessing a positive political change in the country giving first priority to maintain the rule of law. There was a chance for the present government to obtain 2/3 majority with the support of the TNA at any time. The present government has come to power to usher good governance in the country without corruption and honouring human rights. The rule of law should be respected and also in force. The country was under a rule for the last nine years without respecting human rights and the rule of law, Sampanthan added.
He continued that for the last 30 years no one could deny that a war was taking place in the country demanding the legitimate rights of Tamil people. Today the Tamil issue had been internationalized. The TNA would focus its attention on two matters. One was to find a political solution to the national ethnic issue. TNA would make every effort to find a political solution. The political solution should be found and the election Manifesto of the TNA had defined the way to have a political solution.
TNA had not asked for the division of the country. Tamil people should live in a united country with other communities in their traditional homeland with powers and other privileges enjoyed by other communities.
Sampanthan was given a rousing reception when he visited his home town Trincomalee recently for the first after taking oaths in Colombo as the Leader of the Opposition. First he attended a special pooja held at Trincomalee Paththirakali Kovil. Thereafter, he attended a public meeting at Trincomalee Town Hall.

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