Will Vigneswaran survive NPC power struggle ?

Northern CM criticised over his stance at last general election

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is making plans to oust C.V. Vigneswaran as the Chief Minister of Northern Province, the party’s own nominee for the post.

Justice Canagasabapathy Visuvalingam Vigneswaran, PC who assumed duties as the first Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council on October 07, 2013 was a surprise nominee for the post by the TNA as until then he was an outsider to the realm of politics.

According to a member of the Northern PC, the disputes between the TNA and Vigneswaran has come to such a state that only a parting of ways will appease both parties.

At the most recent group meeting of TNA members in the Northern PC, a majority had called Vigneswaran to quit forthwith.

According to a MP who attended the meeting, a majority of TNA members during the meeting had severely criticized Vigneswaran over several issues including his decision not to get involved in party propaganda at the last general election and going against decisions and policies of the party.

However, according to this MP, there are some members who support the Chief Minister but the anti- Vigneswaran stance taken by a majority has prevented them from coming out in open support.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the opposition leader of the Northern PC S. Thawarasa said he too had come to know about the stormy group meeting of the TNA where the members had called for Vigneswaran to quit.

Thawarasa however said that the opposition will not play any part in the ensuing saga and not get involved in the political battles of the TNA.

He said a lot of TNA PC members were irked about the stand taken by the chief minister at the last general election campaign.

Wigneswaran-3While noting that some TNA members were talking about a No-Confidence Motion, Thawarasa said that however there were no provisions within the law related to Provincial Council administration to oust the Chief Minister by such means.

Thawarasa said that the only option the TNA members have was to submit a letter to the Governor claiming a majority of the PC wanted the removal of the Chief Minister.

“However, this too can end up in court as the Chief Minister was named by the TNA as their choice for the post prior to polls and also Wigneswaran received a mandate from the people. I think he can challenge it in courts if he is expelled,” he added.

Meanwhile, an expert on the issue on grounds of anonymity said that if TNA wants to remove the chief minister they can both file a No-Confidence Motion and also submit a letter to the governor. However he too was of the opinion that this could be challenged in courts.

In addition, he said that the TNA decision makers too could make a determination on the matter based on party policies, regulations and laws.

Meanwhile, the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK) president and the TNA’s Deputy Leader in Parliament, Mavai S. Senathirajah, had told foreign media recently that it was “regrettable and unfortunate” that Vigneswaran, who was elected to the post on the strength of the “tireless work” of ITAK and the TNA workers two years ago, did not issue a statement in support of the TNA’s candidates for the parliamentary elections.

“Besides, he “behaved in a manner that was sought to cause confusion among voters and favour only the anti-TNA position. Eventually, to their credit, the people disregarded his [Mr. Wigneswaran’s] posturing and demonstrated their unequivocal support for the TNA.” Senathiraja was quoted assaying.


Governor’s conduct disappoints many TNA CC members

Chaminda Perera

Many Central Committee members of the Tamil National Alliance said they were disappointed with the conduct of Northern Province Governor C.V. Vigneswaran at the Central Committee meeting held in Colombo yesterday.

A TNA parliamentarian who wished to remain anonymous told the Daily News that many TNA stalwarts including MP Mavai Senadhiraja criticised the conduct of Vigneswaran though no decision was taken to oust him from the post at the CC meeting.

He said many CC members were of the view that Vigneswaran’s conduct will hamper the TNA’s vote base in the Northern province.

TNA leader R. Sampanthan speaking on the occasion said he will take up the issue with Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Vigneswaran.

Opposition leader Sampanthan said Vigneswaran sent a letter wishing him on his election to the post of the Opposition Leader too.

CC members also discussed the UN Human Rights Council’s imminent report on Sri Lanka.

Many CC members have said that the party should wait for the UNHRC report and how the government was going to implement its recommendations.

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