Sampoor Resettlement – Providing Temporary shelters

Further to the appeal made by Assist Resettlement and Renaissance (Assist RR)  for providing temporary shelters to the Internally Displaced People (IDP) of Sampoor, Assist RR has been building 5 shelters using funds donated by individuals. One of these shelters was handed over to the first family in Sampoor today, 15 Sept 2015. The remaining four houses will be handed over on 17 Sept 2015 by Mr Pushpakumara, the Government Agent of Trincomalee.  Photos of the shelter that was built by Assist RR are attached.

Although UNHCR was committed to building only 134 families initially, UNHCR has now agreed to build temporary shelters to all 259 families, who were in the list of displaced people in 2006. However, there are 49 families termed as extended families, who have become families through marriages since the displacement and do not qualify for any assistances either from the government or INGOs such as UNHCR. Parents of these families have given portions of their lands to these families. However, these families are not given any support towards shelters, toilets, etc.

Assist RR met the GA, Mr Pushpakumara, on 15 Sept 2015. He indicated that they won’t be able to make an official request to help these extended families but would not obstruct if we wanted to help these extended families.  Since UNHCR is willing to provide shelters to all in the official list, Assist RR has decided to stop providing shelters to the official list of displaced people. However, Assist RR would like to continue to provide shelters to extended families.

All these families would also need support  towards their livelihood. GA, Mr Pushpakumara instructed his officials to carry out a needs assessment and informed Assist RR that he would provide us with a copy of this report so that Assist RR will be able to consider assisting the resettling IDP families.

Please kindly consider assisting these families who are returning to their lands after almost 10 years. Assist RR would be happy to work with any organisations who are willing to support this effort. As always, Assist RR would implement these assistances very cost efficiently.




Velautham Sarveswaran


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