Sri Lanka never has and probably never will prosecute its own officials for atrocities they committed as government functionaries


WASHINTON, DC, USA, September 14, 2015 / —

Tamils for Obama wrote a letter to the White House saying that no justice has ever followed a Sri Lankan investigation of its own people for crimes against Tamils, and urged that these investigations be kept in international community.

“We know that when the Sri Lankan government investigates its own officials, nothing comes of it,” said the press spokesman for Tamils for Obama. “We had great hopes for the Obama administration, and we hope now that stories that say the admiration is weakening and ready to put matters back in Sri Lankan hands.

“We are saddened by these stories. And hope that Obama, Stephan Rapp, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power will keep these matters in public view.”

In their letter to the president Tamils for Obama wrote “Since the end of the ethnic war in Sri Lanka, most of the human rights groups, concerned media, and diaspora Tamils have worked to get international justice for Tamils. Your administration, through the State Department, was able to raise three war crimes resolutions against Sri Lanka in the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC). The final, third resolution called for achieving justice through international mechanisms.”

“Our main point was that Sri Lanka never has and probably never will prosecute its own officials for atrocities they committed as government functionaries,” said the Tamil spokesman.

The letter continued, “The Tamils in Sri Lanka welcomed your administration’s move and thanked you. Now rumors and media reports are saying that the US would like to bring justice to the Tamils through an internal Sri Lankan mechanism.

“We are saddened to hear that Sri Lankan war criminals will not be brought to justice for their war crimes against Tamils committed during the war. This is a ploy that the Sri Lankan officials want to use to weaken any leverage that the US now has to influence affairs in Sri Lanka. If the decision to hand over the rest of war crime-related matters from international bodies to Sri Lanka, it will permanently weaken Tamils’ social and legal positions in Sri Lanka.

“There have been many cases that have cried out for justice but were tried by the Sri Lankan government. None of them have ever been fruitful in satisfying Tamils’ desire for justice.

“Sinhalese Sri Lankans overcame their differences and formed a national government with an agreement to keep this ruling coalition in power in Sri Lanka for two years. Their common goal was to remove matters of Sri Lankan war crimes from the UNHRC and the international community. They wanted to shelter their army and any officials who might be vulnerable to war crime charges.

“Tamils in Sri Lanka and Tamils abroad want the matters of justice to remain before international bodies and tribunals. These Tamils have seen the work of the Sri Lankan government in investigating its own officials for historical crimes and have seen the perpetrators go free each time.

“These Tamils hope that the Obama administration will keep its promises and work to bring the evildoers to justice.”

Tamils for Obama is a politically active group of Tamil Americans. They believe that over 70,000 Tamil civilians were massacred during the last weeks of the Sri Lankan ethnic war. They have also watched the behavior of the Sri Lankan Singhalese victors after the war, and strongly conclude that Tamils in Sri Lanka will only be safe when this unfortunate island is divided into two states.

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