Magistrate orders another forensic examination – Vithya rape-murder case:

BY Pranavesh Sivakumar

Kayts Magistrate Selvanathan Lenin Kumar has ordered forensic analysis and identification of a seminal substance found on an eye lash of 18-year-old rape-murder victim Vithya Sivaloganathan, to be tested with blood samples of the suspects in an effort to make a specific identification of culpability .
The preliminary hearing into the tragedy of Vithya Sivaloganathan who was killed brutally after she was gang raped in May this year, sent shock waves throughout the country.
The case was taken up before the Kayts Magistrate S.Lenin Kumar on Tuesday (15). The Magistrate ordered a deeper forensic examination and remanded all nine suspects upto 29 September.
Counsel for the plaintiff representing the victim’s family was instructed by Attorney- at- Law Nalin Indratissa when the case was taken for hearing on Tuesday. Several kith and kin of the suspects were also present in Court.
All nine suspects were brought to the Court on Tuesday. Attorney- at- Law Sarath. P. Welgama appeared on behalf of the suspects Mahalingam Sasikumar commonly known as Swiss Kumar, his brother Mahalingam Sasintharan, and another suspect Thushanthan.
The Criminal Investigation Department (CID)submitted an additional report to the Magistrate in addition to the Judicial Medical Officer’s report on seminal fluid traces lodged in the victim’s eyelashes. The Magistrate ordering further forensic investigation and postponed the hearing for 29 September. The Kayts Court and premises were placed under heavy security to prevent any untoward incident.

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