TNA will not stop agitating until-Justice is meted for atrocities committed

Internal probe in the war crime allegation would not provide a solution to the Tamil problem, only an international probe would provide a satisfying solution to the war crime allegation, said Prasanna Indrakumar, Deputy Chairman of the Eastern Provincial Council at an event held last week in connection with Batticaloa Sathurukondan massacre remembrance day.

922976_371507369624796_475705882_nHe said several massacres had taken place in the Eastern Province. Several commissions were appointed to inquire into these massacres. The commissions had not provided any satisfactory solutions to these crimes and human rights violations. Some commissions had delivered their findings according to law and order. Unfortunately these findings had been thrown into waste paper baskets without taking any positive action.

Indrakumar said during the last days of the war several thousands of people were killed, necessary evidence had been submitted to the international community and were waiting for their verdict. Now there seems to be a plot to hide all evidence in the name of an internal probe.

Meanwhile, Batticaloa District TNA Parliamentarian S.Yogeswaran said that the Tamil National Alliance would not stop its agitation; until those involved in the war crimes had been punished. He said in 1990 the Eastern Province had witnessed several massacres and crimes. In a planned manner several persons of the area were taken to Panichchaiady Security Forces Camp. Of them 186 people were massacred. 42 boys under the age of 10 years were killed. Until today no justice had been meted out even after a quarter century.

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