Hybrid Special Court to also investigate frauds under the cover of war – Govt

Hybrid Special Court to also investigate frauds under the cover of war – Govt

The proposed Hybrid Special Court to investigate allegations of human rights violations in Sri Lanka during the period between February 21, 2002 to May 19, 2009 against the then government and the LTTE would also investigate frauds and corruption that had taken place under the cover of a raging war, the government said yesterday…………….  read all

OHRC report hundred times more severe but for regime change: President

testPresident Maithripala Sirisena Friday said that the report of High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva would have been hundred times more severe than it was but for the regime change of January 8 this year.The president, flanked by Prime Ministe………….. READ ALL


The Report on Sri Lanka: Horrific vs Ethnic Facts and External vs Internal Hybridity

testTwo h-adjectives have come into circulation after the release of the UNHRC Report on Sri Lanka, last Wednesday, in Geneva: horrific and hybrid. There is nothing new in the facts stipulated as horrific in Geneva, but stipulating them as horrific does no……………..  READ ALL


Tortured Toronto man says he feels vindicated by UN report on Sri Lanka

TORONTO — Roy Samathanam was beaten with pipes and kicked in the groin after he was arrested by Sri Lanka’s Terrorism Investigation Division, but it was when they threatened to rape his wife that he broke and agreed to sign a false confession.

On Wednesday, the Toronto resident said he felt a sense of vindication over a chilling report by the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner’s office into the torture and other abuses committed during the final stage of Sri Lanka’s long civil war………………..  READ ALL

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