TNA calls for ‘reasonable, durable’ political solution

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) chief, R Sampanthan, has said the Tamil question should be resolved “on the basis of what is happening in Geneva”.

In his reaction to the publication of a report by the U.N. on human rights violations in Sri Lanka, Sampanthan told The Hindu: “On the basis of genuine reconciliation, there must be a just, reasonable, durable and workable political solution.”

Health Minister and leader of a breakaway group of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, Rajitha Senaratne, said the document had not named anyone. “The final decision of the UNHRC would have to be carried out by us.”

Vasudeva Nanayakkara, chief of the Democratic Left Front, said the UN report did not have “directives” and it was “not binding” on the Sri Lankan government. However, he wanted the government to give “serious attention” to various proposals and recommendations spelt out in the report.

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