Opinion Expressed On UNHRC Report

Opinion Expressed On UNHRC Report

The report of 600 pages has been simplified into 19 pages. There are six main areas that have been focused by the report. Among them are illegal killings, sexual and gender-based violence, forced disappearances, torture and other inhumane and degrading treatment, forced recruitments, attacking common dwellings of civilians and preventing humanitarian aid. The report is based on the evidence given by eye-witnesses and victims during interviews, forensic reports, satellite surveillance data and other video and still footage.

Following are some of the comments made to The Sunday Leader by political party representatives and intellectuals on the UNHRC report on Sri Lanka……… READ ALL

Geneva report: Role of UN and international community in Sri Lanka

killers2To its credit, it was the US that initiated the international accountability process in Sri Lanka through the 2014 UNHRC resolution which called for an international investigation by the Office of the UN High Commissioner (OISL Report). That resolution was preceded by five years of failure of domestic accountability and deteriorating human rights and governance with impunity in violation of repeated commitments by the Sri Lankan government, beginning with the Joint Communique between the Secretary General and the Government after the war had ended with the LTTE annihilated.

The US call was a courageous and principled step because in its own admission and that of the UN Secretary General, both IC and UN had knowingly failed in their responsibility under international human rights and humanitarian law and the UN Charter to protect the trapped civilians from ongoing mass atrocities during the war and its immediate aftermath……………….… READ ALL 

The UNHRC Report: Consequence and challenges

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein holds a press conference on Sri Lanka at the UN Office in Geneva on September 16, 2015. The United Nations detailed horrific abuses committed in Sri Lanka’s civil conflict, including the disappearance of tens of thousands of people, and said the country needed international help to probe war crimes to enable reconciliation…………….. READ ALL

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