Differences of opinion among Tamil diaspora lead to bitter personal attacks

Differences of opinion and conflict of interests among Tamil Diaspora and division within the ranks of the TNA resurfaced at a meeting in Bern, organised by Switzerland-based diaspora members on Friday, according to agency reports.

TNA Parliamentarian M. A. Sumanthiran criticised Northern Provincial Council’s resolution demanding an international war crimes investigation and added that the NPC resolution was a ‘foolish’ move. He blamed NPC Chief Minister Justice C. V. Wigneswaran for having shut the door for a genocide investigation by passing that resolution against his advice, agency reports said.

“He [Wigneswaran] shut the door to us. In that resolution, he says what we have listed is not recognised in the world as genocide now. We want you to reconsider the definition of genocide, he says, because these protracted acts are not recognised. So he is asking the world community to reconsider the definition of genocide, you must read it first,” Sumanthiran has been quoted as having said.

“It is the right of the NPC who has made it, it has sent its resolution worldwide, that where it ends. Whether you have a trial for genocide, the present independent international investigation is saying no, not as for now. So we will wait, if evidence emerges. As a trained lawyer, I am convinced that we still don’t have the required evidence to prove the crime of genocide in a court of Law. I might want to do that; I can understand your anxiety to wanting to do that. But you have to look at it dispassionately, and objectively to see whether those ingredients can be met. And, as a trained lawyer I don’t think they are there,” Sumanthiran has said.

The standpoint of MP Sumanthiran was shocking the Tamil psyche, Thirumurugan Gandhi of May 17 Movement from Tamil Nadu, who was also present at the meeting in Switzerland, has told Tamil Net.

“It was shocking to see how far Mr Sumanthiran could go in serving the agenda of the external actors, especially that of the USA, in abandoning the principled demands for an international investigation on genocide and the demand for plebiscite among Eezham Tamils,” Thirumurugan Gandhi has been quoted by the Tamil Net having said.

Switzerland-based diaspora legal activist Lathan Suntharalingam told Tamil Net that the conduct of certain Switzerland-based NGOs and Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) bureaucrats, who were seeking to deceive the Diaspora Tamils through deploying MP Sumanthiran and the so-called Global Tamil Forum (GTF), had now been exposed.

“We have now decided to confront these agenda-setters through the Swiss Parliament and through the political parties in Switzerland,” Mr Suntharalingam who was earlier elected to parliament in Switzerland told TamilNet.

Sumanthiran’s tam was visiting London on Saturday drawing the ire of diaspora activists who distributed leaflets exposing the team’s alleged mission to scuttle any momentum to conduct criminal investigation of possible genocide. The team has also organised another ‘invitees-only’ meeting on Sunday in Oslo, Tamil Net said quoting informed sources.

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