How Mahinda abused his power to protect his friends.

I still remember how Sajith and Hema cried when Dulanjali was caught printing fake money.

Had I been 10 minutes late, police would have remanded Dulanjali.

I was at an emergency meeting. Lalith sent me a chit explaining the matter. I left the meeting and gave a call to the IG.

Already everything had been arranged to take her to courts. IG told me, ‘Sir, don’t interfere in this. This is a serious matter. Already, media-men are buzzing around like bees.’

I gave the IG a piece of my mind and said, ‘You do what I say. Obtain a statement and release Dulanjali within half an hour. Don’t let me call you again.’ That is how I settled Dulanjali’s matter,” Kurunegala district MP, former president Mahinda Rajapaksa told some of his friends some days ago.

Whatever it is, Dulanjali is the child of a former executive president. I too, have three children.

To thank me for what I have done for them, Sajith and Hema gave me more than 10 phone calls. They also sent many SMS messages.

That good I did will visit my children some day. I believe those in the governments still remember what I did for them.

Although dead bodies are dug up and mud is thrown at my children, they have not committed any murder. Therefore, Yoshitha will never come to any harm. I am certain of that,” an emotional ex-president told his friends.

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