Hundreds of Tamil youths still political prisoners

bars-handsBatticaloa District former TNA parliamentarian P. Ariyanethran said at an event held at Kanchirankudah that it is a disgrace for the current government to speak about good governance while hundreds of youth in prisons are detained for several years in the name of political prisoners.

The fate of the country solely lies in the hands of the youth. Several hundred youth had lost their lives in the past during the armed struggle; because of their sacrifice, today, the Tamil problem had got the attention of the international community, he added.

He further stated that someday their sacrifice would bring a solution to the Tamil problem. That is certain. It is sad to note that under the so called good governance rule hundreds of youths are kept in prisons without inquiry.

Soon after the good governance government led by President Maithripala Sirisena assumed power the TNA had requested him to release all Tamil prisoners. But the TNA’s request was not accepted.

But the post of the leader of the opposition and post of the deputy chairman of Parliament were offered to the TNA. Some in the TNA say there was a possibility of even being offered posts of District Minister, “some of us say that politics means development. Let them say so. But our late leader S. J. V. Chelvanayakam did not do so.

First Tamils should get political rights through self determination and thereafter every one can think of development,” he said.

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