SLMC,TNA must honour their promises

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) should not become double barrel guns without cartridges as the opportunity has come for them to work to achieve a political solution for the grievances of Muslim and Tamil communities, Eastern Province Minister M.S.Uthumalebbe, said, addressing an event held in Batticaloa.

Referring to the speech made by the Provincial Minister of Agriculture and the General Secretary of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchchi K.Thurairajasingham at the recent Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) monthly meeting that the time had come for the TNA and the SLMC to work for the welfare of the Tamils and Muslims as the double barrel gun but with cartridges.

Uthumalebbe said that he was glad to hear the statement by TNA councillor that both political parties should work as the double barrel gun.

Uthumalebbe also added “When we took the administration of the EPC in 1981 with no powers delegated to the council.
The time had come for all three communities in the Eastern Province to contribute to the welfare of a united Sri Lanka without any differences.”

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