Jaya, Karuna slam UN resolution over Lanka

Coming out strongly against a UN resolution that endorsed a domestic probe in over alleged war crimes,Chief Minister today expressed deep disappointment and anguish while chief Karunanidhi termed it shocking.

Also, both Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi blamed the Centre for not acting on a September 16 resolution of the Tamil Nadu Assembly seeking an international probe.

“The resolution passed yesterday will in no way render justice to Sri Lankan Tamils. This resolution is in favour of Sri Lankan government and adversarial to Sri Lankan Tamils,” Jayalalithaa said today in a statement.

UN Human Rights Council had yesterday adopted a resolution paving the way for a probe involving foreign judges and prosecutors into the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka.

Although the resolution has features like participation of foreign judges it would in no way be equal to an international judicial probe, Jayalalithaa said.

“This weak resolution adopted by perceiving a change of heart of the Srilankan government will not do any good to Srilankan Tamils,” she said.

Blaming the Centre, Jayalalithaa said “the UN resolution shows that the union government did not take any steps over the unanimous resolution adopted by the Tamil Nadu Assembly.”

Recalling writing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the issue seeking action on the Tamil Nadu Assembly resolution, she said “however, that the Central government has not taken any positive steps over this issue has caused unhealable wound.”

Tamil Nadu Assembly had unanimously adopted a resolution asking the Centre to move a “strong resolution” in the UNHRC for an international probe into the alleged war crimes in the 2009 war in Sri Lanka.

“I had clearly stated in the Tamil Nadu Assembly that the Indian government had the duty to prevent a resolution asking Sri Lanka itself to probe into war crimes,” she said.

Also, she had pointed out that a September 1 resolution of the Srilankan Northern Provincial Council had sought an international probe.

International probe was sought so as to ensure justice, to strengthen the Council’s resolution and in deference to the feelings of all Tamils, she said.

Expressing shock over UN resolution, Karunanidhi said it was tantamount to vesting the power to probe in the very hands of the accused and doubted if even such a watered down version would be implemented.

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