Pakistan’s work against Tamils continue


Pakistan helped sri lanka to kill more than 40000 tamil …


China, clearly, was the decisive factor in ending the war through its generous supply of offensive weapons and its munificent aid. It even got its ally Pakistan to actively assist Rajapaksa in his war strategy.

Pakistan making a special statement says that those who have been critical of Sri Lanka’s effort to overcome terrorism and separatism funded from abroad would do well to look at their own track record on the so-called war on terror.

Permanent Representative of Pakistan Zameer Akram made these observations in a statement to the media on Friday commenting on the Report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for the Human Rights on Sri Lanka

The statement said “Pakistan has always supported Sri Lanka in its efforts to overcome terrorist and separatist elements over the last 30 years. We believe that after the end of struggle against terrorism, the people of Sri Lanka deserve the support and assistance of international community to rebuild their country. Despite the challenges of last three decades, Sri Lanka has remained a free and democratic society.”

fonseka_mahinda_gotabhayaPermanent Representative of Pakistan Akram also said that the High Commissioner should also demonstrate the same alacrity that he has demonstrated regarding Sri Lanka to other cases of torture and violence in their course of countering terrorism by several major powers.

He also reminded “Within the Human Rights Council, Pakistan has always maintained that if needed recourse is to be made to a country-specific resolution to address the human rights situation, the only choice is to pursue a resolution acceptable by the country concerned. We welcome the fact that after several years this approach has been accepted by the sponsors of the resolution on Sri Lanka.”

As a sovereign and proud nation, Sri Lanka has the right to chart its own course in pursuing its domestic agenda. As a long-standing and reliable friend of Sri Lanka, Pakistan will continue to extend its unconditional support.

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28 May 2009 – “It was the Pakistani defence cooperation with Sri Lanka as the largestLTTE which finally ended with the killing of Tiger chief Vellupillai Prabhakaran.LTTE propaganda that India was helping the Sri Lankan Government.

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6 Sep 2006 – Sri Lankan aircraft have been sent to Pakistan for overhauling. … On August 14 he narrowly escaped an explosion which killed four commandos inCouncil is to “to help Sri Lanka undertake a difficult but essential journey”.

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22 Sep 2006 – aerial bombardment of Tamil areas in Sri Lanka.blast in the heart of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo killed seven people. …. It could also help open Colombo’s eyes to the mess Islamabad has made of things in Balochistan.

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N.Indian Army & Pakistan Air Force attacked LTTE Tamil Tigers in Vanni, Eelam. … They gave GoSL permission to kill 50 000 75 000 Tamil civilians in-order to remove LTTE.Sri Lankan Army robbing civilians of food, water & requirements.civilians, Sonia Gandhi blocked Americans from helping Tamils.

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9 Oct 2009 – It even got its ally Pakistan to actively assist Rajapaksa in his war strategy. … But India, too, contributed to the Sri Lankan bloodbath through its military aid, … After key Tamil Tiger leaders had been killed in the fighting, Rajapaksa–to New“It is their duty to help us in this stage,” Rajapaksa said about India.

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