Political Will The Key Says Mano

by Waruni Karunarathne

National dialogue failed not due to lack of mechanisms but due to lack of political will, says Minister of National Dialogue Mano Ganesan.

Speaking to The Sunday Leader, Minster Ganesan said the Department of Official Languages was established as early as 1956 and the Official Languages Commission came to a operation in 1991. “Hence, there has been mechanism established already for national dialogue.

But there has not been a political will for that during the previous governments that came to power,” he added. According to Minister Ganesan, there is now a political will in the country unlike in the past, and he will reorganize the existing mechanism in order to successfully build national dialogue.  He said that even though he was appointed a month back, the gazette notification assigning the duties of his ministry was published only a few days back. “I need a few more days to initiate new programmes to develop the mechanism to build a national dialogue. I vouch to combine political will with a better mechanism to go forward from here to address the issues and shortcomings,” he added.

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