I’m Not An Enemy Of The Sinhala People: Wiggie

“I am not an enemy of the Sinhala people” Chief Minister of Northern province C.V. Wigneswaran said while speaking in the presence of President Maithripala Sirisena at a public function in the Kilinochchi area today.

Wigneswaran SirisenaWigneswaran who has been at loggerheads with both the government and the party which lifted him to the CM’s post (TNA), sounded a conciliatory note at the event.

Addressing a gathering in Iranamadu, Kilinochchi where President Sirisena launched programme to encourage the cultivation of local food crops, Wigneswaran said that he hoped Sirisena will deliver lasting peace and prosperity which have so far eluded the nation.

Speaking in Sinhala, Wigneswaran said it was important for both Sinhala and Tamil people to work in unison while giving due respect to equality and each others diversity.

Later speaking in Tamil, Wigneswaran said that people in the north who had undergone untold sufferings during the three decade old war had voted for Sirisena with new expectations and it was now the responsibility of the President to fulfil their aspirations.

While recalling that both Tamil and Sinhala people had lived peacefully in the past Wigneswaran appealed to the President to restore the former status.

He said that people in the north too should enjoy equal opportunities, facilities like those in the south.

“It is more important to create a climate where northern people could live sans the fear of oppression and violence” he added.

During the event yesterday both Sirsena and Wignewaran were seen chatting with each other, over a long period.

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