Boycott U.S. products, Nedumaran tells youth

Tamil National Movement leader P. Nedumaran has called upon the youth and student community to boycott U.S. products in protest against the country’s resolution in the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) against the interests of Sri Lankan Tamils.

Addressing a meeting here on Tuesday, Mr. Nedumaran, who was on his “Tamizhar ezhuchi payanam,” said that the U.S. had moved a resolution in the UNHRC favouring internal inquiry into war crimes in Sri Lanka.

Alleging that two lakh Tamils were massacred by the ‘Sinhala chauvinists’ in the civil war in 2009, Mr. Nedumaran said that the Tamils would get justice only if an international probe was conducted. It was unfortunate that India had supported the U.S. in the UNHRC, he said. The authoritarian act of the U.S. could be ended if the younger generation boycotted its products, he said. “Only if we teach a lesson to the U.S., we could save the remaining Tamils in the island,” he said.

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