What is the American agenda?

What is the American agenda?

Different views and thoughts have surfaced amongst top government ranks in Colombo over the conduct of the United States of America with regard to the recent developments in Geneva and New York. Prior to the tabling of the UNHRC Resolution, US Senior Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Biswal arrived in Colombo and stated that a resolution would be moved in support of Sri Lanka.

She became popular here over that positive assurance at a time Colombo was placed in an embarrassing situation with the UNHRC pressing for a Hybrid International Court on alleged war crimes. However, it was clear that the top rung in the Colombo Government were not happy over the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights’ report and the proposal of the United States.

07_rajapaksas_r_w--(None)_LRGContrary to the assurance of the United States that it would support Sri Lanka, a top government official recently told a local journalist that though the US spoke about the human rights situation in Sri Lanka, it was not assisting Sri Lanka financially to help the economy. “Though it was expected that America will help us with the change of government, nothing positive has happened so far,” he has said. This official was of the view that China looked better in that respect. The belief that America and Europe are backward to assist Sri Lanka and was only talking about human rights issues here is now fast spreading. In such a backdrop the beneficiary will be China. If China reaps the benefit of that situation, the people will claim that Mahinda’s policies were correct.

Ranil Government of 2001
The Ranil Wickremesinghe Government of 2001 worked to the agenda set by America and the West. That was why peace talks with the LTTE resumed, an interim administration to the North-East was planned and Norway became co-chair with the West on peace moves. The JVP and the SLFP which followed a racist policy at that time capitalized on that situation to build up an anti-West pressure within the country. That made Ranil’s Government unpopular. Finally, Ranil’s Government was destroyed by trying to forge peace according to an international agenda. That gave oxygen to the pro-Mahinda forces to come to power.

There appear signs that the same scenario will emerge again. The Maithri-Ranil Government looks to be in trouble as a result of the UNHRC report. The pro-Mahinda forces which were defeated at the August general election are now raising their heads through the UNHRC report. If the Ranil-Maithri Government goes to act according to the dictates of the UNHRC report, it would face the same fate that Ranil’s Government faced in 2001. The country’s economy is not on a sound footing at present. In the face of economic difficulties, if the government heeds to that report, it would be like fanning the flames.

The American agenda is not clear. The African nations are of the view that America always hunts those nations on the pretext of war crimes. Those nations are very critical of that attitude by America. We do not know whether the former United Nations US Ambassador Samantha Power authored the book, ‘A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide’ as a cover to hunt war crimes criminals in Asian countries to prove the innocence of United States with regard to pursuing issues of war crimes in the world. However, there are different views between the UNP and the SLFP with regard to the pattern of dealing with the UNHRC.

The pro-Maithri group thinks that the UNP is too lenient in dealing with the UNHRC and was pushing the President and his government into embarrassment. In that respect, it is believed that the UNP like America was trying to protect the image of Tamil Diasporas like the Global Tamil Forum. The pro-Maithri group thinks that would cause embarrassment to the Sri Lankan Government. It’s a fact that America cannot change its stance in totality when a new government takes office in another country. It would have been wise if America supported the new government in Colombo with monetary assistance and then proceeded on issues like war crimes and human rights. Even Lord Buddha has preached that sermons should not be delivered to people in hunger.

He has asked to give them to eat first before preaching.

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