Is that all a lie that the promises made at the UNHRC?

The anti terrorism act has not been removed by the government as per to the promises made at the human rights council yesterday, points out TNA parliamentarian M.A.Sumanthiran.

The promises made in the UN should be implemented whole heartedly then only it would seed hope in the heart of the people in despair.

He stated it in an argument over a motion to work with china over the criminal activities, held yesterday in the parliament.

We are not aware of the necessity of this agreement.

In the resolution made in UN human rights council few days back, steps have been made to bring the foreign judges, lawyers and scholars in to the internal mechanism.

At this juncture arguments proceeded over the sectors like Attorney General Department, Courts and Police.

Allegations were made over the reliability of the Srilankan government and it is the time for change but we cannot achieve them over a night it will take a long time, he added.

Sri Lanka’s war crimes: UNHRC withdraws

The UNHRC which directly intervene into the war crime investigations by appointing international judges, now hardly shows interest into this matter says the ex TNA parliamentarian Suresh Premachanthiran.

Suresh who has just returned home attending the human rights session in Jeneeva stated it at a media briefing today ( Friday) .

The UNHRC has made resolution in favor of Sri Lanka, if it had had an adverse side the Sri Lankan government would not have accepted it, he added.


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