Until the displaced are resettled there is no accountability

Chairman of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry which is engaged in the process of obtaining evidence regarding missing persons, Retired High Court Judge Maxwell Paranagama said that within the period in which a war commences and until the people who were affected by the war have been safely resettled in their villages, there is a possibility that international humanitarian laws can be violated.
Tamil women hold images of their disappeared relativesHe further said that they have requested an expedited date from the Presidential Secretariat Office; in order to hand over the final report, on whether international humanitarian laws have been violated during the period of the war on which investigations were conducted by the Commission and the Interim Report on Missing Persons.
The First Mandated Interim Report was handed over to the President last April.
However, as reported to Ceylon Today, the final report states that International Humanitarian Laws have been violated and incidents relating to War Crimes are also included. The report, it is said, also includes recommendations so as to prevent such incidents from taking place again in Sri Lanka.
The three-member Commission appointed by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa on 15 August 2013 was mandated to inquire into complaints on missing persons and ascertain their fate, responsibility and whereabouts from 1983 to May 2009; and to ascertain the crimes allegedly committed during the last stages of the war with a view to accountability and responsibility.
However, the President recently took steps to extend the period of obtaining evidence on missing persons until February of next year.
A+section+of+the+picketChairman of the Commission Retired High Court Judge Paranagama said that accordingly, obtaining further evidence in connection with complaints received on missing persons has re-commenced and is being carried out in Kilinochchi at present.
This Special Investigations Committee which comprises five retired Police Officers is being monitored by another retired High Court Judge.
He further said, “We began obtaining further evidence from Mannar. Now we are obtaining evidence in Kilinochchi as the second stage. We carry out investigations in one place for about two weeks. Investigations are being carried out by visiting the homes of witnesses as well as those of plaintiffs who have lodged complaints.”

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