Certain media took money from Avant Garde

Police take over probe into Avant Garde

The police have taken over investigations into the Avant Garde vessel after the Navy filed a complaint in Galle today.

Police spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that the Navy had filed the complaint with the Galle harbour police.

He said that as a result of the complaint the Galle DIG has initiated investigations over the vessel.

The vessel was said to have been carrying 816 T-56 weapons and over 200,000 bullets at the time it was seized by the Navy when it entered Sri Lankan waters off Galle.

Gunasekera said that according to the Navy complaint, the ship did not have authorization to carry weapons and had three foreigners among the 36 member crew.

Earlier, yesterday, the Defence Ministry said it had decided to appoint a team to investigate the Avant Garde vessel based on a report submitted by the Navy. (Colombo Gazette)

Certain media took money from Avant Garde

The revelation he made in Parliament regarding Avant Guarde transaction was not published in most of the media and websites as it had been possible to buy them from Avant Garde money says the Chief Opposition Whip JVP Parliamentarian Anura Dissanayaka.

Mr. Dissanayaka said there should be some sort of interference for his revelation in Parliament not to get even an inch of a column in certain media while certain other media published it as the main item of the day.

It has been possible to buy media institutions, journalists, web sites that have been called radical or alternative with Avant Garde money for if not all media should have given a due place for his revelation pointed out Mr. Dissanayaka.

“Only ‘Mawbima’ and one or two other media had reported the revelation I made in Parliament regarding Avant Garde transaction. A large number of media failed to report it. Also, a large number of websites had not reported the revelation. It is evident that Avant Garde money had played a big part to stop the revelation being published. It proves that Avant Garde money could buy media institutions, journalists, radical or alternative websites,”  said Mr. Dissanayaka.

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